The Cold War

May 20th, 2021

Today, we talked about the cold war with special guest, Professor Hiroyuki Fujimaki of Tokai University, to tell us something about the cold war. First, we have to know about WWII which caused the cold war. During WWII, fascists fought with capitalists and communists. As you know, capitalist and communist won WWII. As a result, two teams remained on this little planet. If they were friendly, the cold war would never have happened. Why did they hate each other? Western side said “Because communist didn’t do elections. We paid great sacrifices to bring freedom to Europe.” Eastern side said ”The number of dead soldiers of the USSR is the highest, and we captured Berlin. It means Europe is ours! Let me spread communism in Europe!” Western countries wanted to make EU countries free, but Eastern countries didn’t. World separated in half, but there are two problems. Japan and Germany. They are too strong, so both sides tried to take them as a friendly country. The US helped Japan and let Japan be independent, so Japan joined western side. Germany was broken in half, after that Western side and Eastern side shared Germany. This is how the world's balance was kept.

Why did the cold war happen? There are three theories. First, Traditionalism was made. It means the cold war was caused by the USSR because the USSR was too aggressive and dominated a lot of countries. After that Revisionism appeared. In this theory, the US caused the cold war. After WWII, the USSR had greater power than the US for sure, so the US became aggressive. Latest theory is New revisionism. People made this theory said the cold war was unavoidable, and no one tried to cause the cold war. There are only the US, the USSR, and the EU which was messed up. What happens if two strong wrestlers stand on the ring?

During the cold war, no big war haven’t happened because direct war between the US and the USSR meant the world’s end. However, a small war called proxy war happened. Many small countries were involved. Although the USSR wanted to destroy the US perfectrory so they made a missile base in Cuba, near Miami. It was almost there that the Final war started. I think this world rides on a balance beam. I hope our world don’t fall into hell.