Aid Dependency : Why Afganistan Can Not Be Independent

July 21st, 2021

In this time, we talked about the bad habit of aid dependency which happened in Afghanistan. There are three stages. The first stage is called as"limited aid era". British and Germany fought with each other during WW1, and they both want to cooperate with Afghanistan to attack or defend colony, so each country gave Afghanistan supplies to bribe them. The second step is "getting addicted". Developed countries are giving afganistan too much suplies, so Afghanistan became addicted little by little. The final step is" totally addicted". Afganistan can get anything they need, so they don't have to do something. Due to the situation in Afghanistan nowadays, any kind of aid or supplies will be unuseful with their development, so it is important to lead them to get over the addiction of aid and learn to create the value for themselves.