About Afghanistan

June 19th, 2021

At first, we talked about the history of Afghanistan. In 1919, after the war with British, Afghanistan gained independence. The kingdom was established and continued for 47 years. The kingdom used to be peaceful and residents lived with freedom. However, the coup happened in 1973 when the king was visiting Italy. After that, some warlords started trying to take control of Afghanistan, so the civil war started and became endless. The invasion of the USSR caused trauma to the economy of this country, and Taliban also got developed. At last, the Taliban established their government until 2001.
Taliban is another part of our discussion. We learnt that after the civil war caused so many refugees, they escaped from Afghanistan to other countries. Some of them went to countries where were controlled by Wahhabi parts, a regional parts of Islam. The Wahhabi had a cooperative relationship with Afghanistan with Jihad, and they provided education or other chances to attract young people to join them. After the education in their school, some of the students were recruited into the Taliban or other extreme organizations and some of them came back to Afghanistan to keep fighting. Of course, the fight made Afghanistan become worse and more residents became refugees. This kind of circulation caused the collapse of Afghanistan.
According to the news these days, President Joe Biden started the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan; on the other side Taliban kept attacking Afghanistan troops and claimed that they will keep fighting until Afghanistan becomes a real Islamic country. It’s hard to predict the future that Afghanistan will become, but we believe that it’s necessary to have both domestic and international efforts to make Afghanistan become a peaceful country.