Gentleman researcher and teacher
and Best of JALT 2018 winner



Yamanashi Prefectural University, Yamanashi, Assistant Professor: April 2020-Present
-Teach a seminar on grassroots efforts to contribute to peace abroad.

Toyo Gakuen University, Kanagawa, Special Lecturer: April 2016-March 2020
-Taught classes of up to 60 students.
-Lead special school events, such as Afghan Day and Sri Lanka Day, which had the participation of the embassies and performers, and in which an estimated 250-300 students attended.
-Arranged guest speakers, such as ambassadors, to speak to students and faculty.
-Assisted in school related events, including open campus days and the speech contest.
-Lead and participate in research projects examining education.

Tokai University, Kanagawa, Lecturer: September 2014-March 2018
-Taught International Relations to classes of 20 to 40 students.
-Developed original curriculum.
-Worked to promote understanding of Afghan culture with the Afghan students at the University.

Tamagawa University, Tokyo, Lecturer: September 2015-March 2016
-Taught classes of 20 to 30.
-Developed original curriculum.

Business Bank Group, Tokyo, Co-Owner: September 2014-March 2016
-Identified new business opportunities both in terms of services and potential customers.
-Created systems related to new business opportunities.
-Oversaw all Human Resources.

Embassy of Afghanistan, Tokyo. Public Affairs Officer: April 2008 – September 2014
-Designed and orchestrated the embassy’s outreach program, including social media, awareness-creation events, and other speaking engagements.
-Designed, wrote, and published outreach materials, such as the Web site, pamphlets, DVDs, calendars, a monthly newsletter, and the embassy podcast.
-Liaised with media to put forth a positive image of Afghanistan and deliver key government and embassy messages.
-Wrote proposals to the Japanese government and offices of the UN for new projects.
-Wrote speeches and presentations for such figures as President Karzai, foreign ministers, ambassador, and the royal family. Have also written for Japanese government officials.
-Created talking points for officials, including the president and foreign ministry staff, for meetings with Japanese officials such as the prime minister and foreign minister, as well as for meetings with the private sector.
-Interpreted for high-ranking officials.

AEON Corporation, Tokyo. Curriculum Developer: January 2007 – April 2008
-Worked with as head writer or as a supporting writer and editor to create texts for classroom use. 7 were published.

GEOS Language System, Tokyo. Human Resources Manager: November 1999 – Oct 2006
November 1999, entered as an English Language instructor
March 2002, promoted to Human Resources Manager for South Tokyo and Yokohama
May 2004, promoted to Human Resources Manager for Eastern Japan
-Taught English conversation and communication skills to classes of 1 to 12 students.
-Directed daily and future operations for 500+ employees at 230 locations.
-Recruited and hired an average of 200 employees a year to meet staffing needs.
-Provided initial pre-job training for all new hired staff.
-Designed the training course and feedback system for all skill-improvement and ongoing trainings that followed the pre-job training.

Ambassador for Peace, WPF
Treasurer, West Tokyo JALT
Conference Manager, JALT National Conference 2020
Technology Support Officer, JALT National Conference 2018, 2019
AM Liaison, PanSIG (JALT) 2019, 2020
AM Liaison, JALT/TESOL Symposium 2020


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